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By Immigration Attorney / Accredited Financial Counselor® Adina 
& Proud Immigrant Mauricio

Mauricio and Adina of Immigrant Finance™

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The economy is changing. 2020 taught us salary jobs are less stable than we think, and business no longer looks like how it did for our parents.

Stay ahead of the curve and learn how generate your own income online. Start getting paid online jobs and build your way to increasing income online with our proven 5 step method.
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In This Worksheet You Are Going to Learn
How to generate income on your own online using the skillsets you already have 
Learning to make money on your own is key to building wealth, having the ultimate freedom of choices and options, & changing your family's legacy
This is the exact approach we’ve used to get our first freelancing jobs to make our first dollars online. We've also used this same method to build a portfolio to get bigger freelancing jobs that pay hundreds of dollars a month. ​
There has never been an easier way to start making extra money than there is now online.
Freelancing and contract work are GREAT ways to increase income and start making more money online. BUT long-term, it's important to make the shift from freelancing to being an entrepreneur and  building an online business. This allows you to move out of trading time for money and have a more sustainable model for making money online. We have to get started somewhere - freelancing is a terrific stepping stone for building your online portfolio and developing the groundwork for an online business!
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We have helped many immigrant families develop an idea and offer for an online business. We would love to chat with you to see if we can help you think through transferring your experiences and skills to making money online. We offer quick, free coaching calls for our audience to go over your financial goals and online business ideas.
  • Brainstorm online business offerings
  • Assess your financial strengths, growth areas, and goals
  • Ask questions on personal finances and online business
  • Learn about our resources and community support spaces
  • Discover practical steps you can take to increase income now 
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